Fairy Lighting 100m Indoor Installation Melbourne Hire

Fairy lighting is so magical - but not everyone has the time or equipment to install them.

If you want fairy lighting to delight your guests at your event, you can hire 100 metres of warm white lights to be installed at your venue if it already includes trusses for support.

Imagine the twinkling impact of 100m of fairy lighting
Imagine your lighting draped in lines, or in a zigzag pattern across the venue's trussed ceiling 
to create a fairytale "roof" of lights.

This hire listing price includes 100m of warm white fairy lighting plus installation for an indoor Melbourne venue with existing ceiling trusses.

Please note: Your hire listing price will cost extra if your Melbourne venue doesn't have existing ceiling trusses or if you wish to have your fairy lighting installed outside as it will then need to include extension cables, an extra power supply, telescopic upright poles, base plates, and sandbags.

Delivery plus bond fees
There is an extra fee for delivery and pickup which we will calculate and advise once availability has been confirmed.

Once we've confirmed availability for your event, the applicable hire delivery fee will need to be added to your cart from the Fees page.

Please note: when you add this product to your cart, the $200 refundable bond will be added automatically.

Available for Melbourne, Australia hire only.

Please note: This hire item is not locked in for your event until fully paid for. You may risk being disappointed if you delay. Don't miss out!