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Guest Favour 1000 Scrabble Tiles 50 Racks 50 Guests

If you love Scrabble, board games, you're a little geeky, or you work in media, a Scrabble rack with wooden tiles makes a fun, tangible and customised retro place card setting.

Here is a set of Scrabble tiles and racks for 50 guests - perfect for a smaller event!

Spell out your guests names with Scrabble tiles to show them where they're sitting. A typical Scrabble rack fits seven letters.

We've included 1,000 tiles which will be more than enough for your 50 x guests' names.

Check the names on your guest list. Our set contains

  • E ×120
  • A ×90, I ×90
  • O ×80
  • N ×60
  • R ×60, T ×60 
  • L ×40, S ×40, U ×40, D ×40
  • G ×30
  • B ×20, C ×20, M ×20, P ×20, F ×20, H ×20, V ×20, W ×20, Y ×20
  • K ×10, J ×10, X ×10, Q ×10, Z ×10

Use the tiles for classic photo opportunities such as your welcome table, next to your dessert table, or the bar.

The tiles and racks are wooden, so you can also stain them to match your event colour theme, or leave them plain for that rustic touch.

This listing price is for 1,000 wooden Scrabble tiles and 50 wooden racks.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 21 or later.

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