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If you're having a rustic-style event, these solid wooden table numbers will fit perfectly with your outdoorsy setting.

These handmade wooden numbers are mounted on sticks and look fantastic perched in a mason jar, thick glass vase or a chunky timber planter box of flowers.

Because they're top-heavy, whatever you place them in does need weighting down to avoid them toppling over.

The numbers themselves measure approximately 14cm high, with the sticks the total height is 41cm high, making it easy for your wedding guests to find their assigned tables.

This listing price is per table number.

  • If you have 10 tables, you will need to order 11 numbers
  • If you have 11 tables, you will need to order 13 numbers and so on.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 35 or later.

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