Lantern Floating Pool Gold Edged White Cube Paper 15cm Set of 50


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Booked a marina, surf club, yacht club or a waterside venue with a pool or lake?

Why not make a gorgeous night-time feature by ordering our set of 50 gold-edged white paper lanterns?

The gold-edged cube-shaped lanterns are made from biodegradable paper, designed to hold the included tealight candle and float up to 4 hours on a calm pool or lake.

Light the tealight candles and the emanating glow from the cube lantern is very pretty and atmospheric.

Each cube lantern measures 15cm high x 15cm wide x 15cm long.

This price listing is for a set of 50 paper lanterns with 50 tealight candles.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 15 or later.

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