Lantern Fabric 40cm Chinese Red Gold Set of 8

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Celebrate Lunar New Year, an Asian-themed product launch, store opening or expo, or any event with a bright red and gold colour scheme with our large, durable Chinese silk lanterns.

The stunning, high quality, bright red oval-shaped lanterns feature decorative gold patterning, fringing and spine to create an eye-catching ceiling installation.

Perfect by day, atmospheric by night
You can hang them as is by day, or add LED lights to make them glow prettily at night.

Surprisingly hardy, they will last outdoors for several years without fading or tearing.

Each lantern measures 40cm wide x 32cm high.

This listing price is for a set of 8 x 40cm diameter red silk Chinese lanterns. We have 3 sets available for immediate dispatch.

This product is shipped free Australia-wide.

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Customer Reviews

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Lauren Davis

I ordered some Chinese lanterns for my upcoming wedding, as it was hard to find good-quality lanterns at a good price elsewhere. The lanterns were well priced, arrived quickly and looked great. The company even threw in some fishing line to help hang them!