Sugar Lace Doilies Vintage Tea Party Cake Toppers Set of 25


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Remember the quaint lace doilies your grandmother used to place on her dining table, coffee table or mantelpiece to protect the wooden surfaces? 

These handmade sugar rose doilies are perfect for a vintage tea party to create that Wow! factor.

Our vanilla-flavoured, rose design sugar lace doilies will look adorable as vintage theme decorations on tea cakes, iced cookies, and large cupcakes.

For guests who want sugar, you simply place a sugar doily on top of their hot English Breakfast or black coffee, served in vintage porcelain.

The sugar doilies last two minutes before they melt - enough to create an unexpected impact. (You can just see everyone pulling out their phones to take a photo, can't you?!)

The sugar doilies are packaged in greaseproof paper in clear cellophane with rigid cardboard. They will stay pliable for months, if kept stored in the packaging it arrives, in a cool dry place. No refrigeration necessary.

This listing price is for a set of 25 sugar doilies.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 21 or later.

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