Vase 15cm 25cm 30cm Clear Glass Cylindrical Centrepiece Trio Set of 12 Melbourne Delivery


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One of the most enduring centrepiece looks is a trio of cylindrical glass vases.

Whether you fill them with golden sand, pretty shells and striking coral for a beach theme, submerge fresh orchids and top with floating tealight candles above a round mirror base for an understated modern look, or use them with sturdy pillar candles interwoven with greenery down your rustic communal table, a trio of cylinder vases gives you endless tablescape decorating options.

Our trio of vases packages includes 12 x 30cm high x 10cm diameter glass vases, 12 x 25cm high x 12cm diameter glass vases and 12 x 15cm high x 15cm diameter glass vases.

Please note this listing price is for a set of 12 x 30cm high, 12 x 25cm high and 12 x 15cm high glass vases.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 9 or later.

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