Vase 14cm-24cm 3D Black Iron Sculptural Shape With Glass Vase


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For the most streamlined look ever, check out our 3D black iron vase sculpture range.

Flowers and foliage almost seem to float in air - with the small glass vase almost invisible against the dark lines of the vase shapes.

They look incredible massed together but equally effective as a solo star on the table.

There's something fantastical about these shapes and appearances, don't you think?

Please note: choose your preferred shape from the bulbous, decanter, geometric, gourd, Greek urn,  lampshade, milk bottle or triangular vase shapes and specify which vase you want in the Notes section of checkout.

Vases range from 14cm to 24cm in height, from 11cm to 23cm at their widest points depending on the shapes you choose.

This listing price is for 1 x 3D black iron vase shape with a petite 8cm glass vase.

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 19 or later.

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