Vase 16cm Clear Acrylic Lidded Floral Container Gift Box


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These clear acrylic boxes offer florists, stylists and wedding planners multiple benefits for special events.

  • You can safely transport your delicate florals stem by stem in a sturdy, lidded watertight box.
  • You can display your freshest, most fragrant flowers to full advantage with a transparent box.
  • You can quickly see, and easily pluck out any wilting petals - with no need for floral oasis foam.
  • You can immediately see if your flowers need a water top-up.
  • You can use the box as an elegant mini showcase of seasonal flowers for clients who can't make up their minds.
  • You can use the lidded container for a contemporary wedding or event centrepiece.
  • You can also - if you wish - present your best clients with nine beautiful flowers as a thank you gift for their clientele.

Each box holds nine flowers and measures 16cm high x 16cm wide x 16cm long.

This listing price is for one nine-stemmed clear acrylic box (excludes flowers and ribbon). 

If you order today for delivery in Australia, the expected delivery date is 19 or later.

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