Free delivery Australia-wide over $250 on all purchased decor products. Minimum $500 hire threshold excluding bond & Delivery fees

Hire Delivery, Postage, Custom Order & Bond Fees

My Event Decor charges additional fees for items that are rented, customised beyond the existing product description, for refundable bonds, and for purchased items which cost more to mail than usual because of their quantity, weight and/or distance being posted.

You may be asked to enter a multiple of $50 to your cart to finalise your order.

Hire delivery fees
The $50 green button fee is for the hire delivery fees for rented items, based on the number and size of items hired, the hire delivery and pickup times and location of your venue. 

Postage fees
The $50 blue button fee is for the postage fees for purchased items that are heavy, multiple and/or long-distance products.

Custom order fees
The $50 purple button fee is for the customisation of bespoke products beyond the existing offering on the product page.

Bond fees
The red button fee is for the refundable bond fees for rented item and starts at $100 depend on the quantity, fragility and value of the items.