7 Reasons You Don't Want To Book The Wrong Venue

July 08, 2023

If your client doesn't give you sufficient time and money to book the right - and best type of - venue for your event, you could encounter a number of drawbacks.

1. Unsuitable space
The wrong venue may lack have the appropriate layout, capacity, or facilities to accommodate your event. It could be too small, lacking necessary equipment, or simply not be designed to cater to your specific event requirements. This could lead to cramped spaces, poor attendee experience, and logistical challenges, such as rural venues located outside of capital cities.

Alternatively, it could simply be too big, making it a barn-like space devoid of atmosphere, filled with too-few guests. This is what to do if you need to fill up an overly large function area.

2. No ambience
The ambience of your venue plays a huge role in setting the mood and atmosphere of your event. The wrong venue may lack a certain atmosphere or have a reputation that doesn't really align with your event's theme or purpose or indeed, your own brand reputation.

Avoid venues known as wedding reception centres - even more so if it has those words in their actual name! - because if the event is not a wedding, your guests will usually consider this a lazy, odd or even boring choice. Consider these 39 unusual venue alternatives.

3. Accessibility issues
The location of your venue can greatly affect event attendance. If the venue is in an inconvenient or inaccessible location, it may discourage your attendees from coming. Have you considered how guests with disabilities could reach and get around in your venue? Limited parking options, lack of public transportation access, or an inconvenient distance from major hubs can all contribute to lower attendance rates. Find out why a venue that can be reached only by bus or boat or taxi is usually not a wise choice.

4. Financial implications
Booking the wrong venue can present anything from mild to serious financial implications. If you've locked into a contract and need to switch venues, you may face cancellation fees or penalties.

Additionally, if the wrong venue lacks certain amenities (for example, not enough female toilets is high on the list of guest pet hates) or doesn't provide the services that are essential for your event, you may need to spend additional funds to arrange for them separately, exceeding your budget. For example, if your venue doesn't have a dedicated dance floor, you may need to pay extra to hire one. You may have to use their approved suppliers who charge much more than your regular suppliers.

5. Technical limitations
Different events require different technical setups such as audiovisual equipment, lighting systems, and internet connectivity. Booking the wrong venue may mean that these technical requirements cannot be met adequately. Insufficient or outdated equipment can negatively impact the quality of presentations, sound, and overall production value of your event. We've all been to a presentation where the laptop failed to work or the internet cut out.

6. Reputational damage
Choosing an inappropriate venue can reflect poorly on your event and organisation. Your guests may unfairly associate the venue's shortcomings with your client's brand, not to mention your own event planning abilities or professionalism. Negative word-of-mouth and a damaged reputation could make it challenging to attract attendees or sponsors for future events. This is what happens when guests fail to show up.

7. Coordination challenges
Event planning involves coordinating with various vendors and suppliers. If your venue doesn't have established relationships with these vendors or is unfamiliar with event logistics, it can create coordination challenges. Have you checked what you venue manager needs you to know? Otherwise, this may result in delays, miscommunication, or a lack of necessary services, negatively impacting the overall event execution.

Enjoyed this? Find out what your event hire company wants you to know about your venue.