5 Reasons You Can't Always Hire What You Want

November 08, 2022

If you've ever had your heart set on a particular event theme, it pays to do a little research before you finalise your moodboard, and long before you design and send out your invitations.

1. Some event hire pieces simply aren't available in your area
For example, if you hanker after a 70s retro beach theme, with lots of plastic banana sun loungers and groovy floral umbrellas, you're going to find it difficult to source event hire businesses with these products in say, Melbourne, where it is known for being a city with unpredictable weather, and even less so in chilly Hobart. However, you will have a lot more options for these pieces in the sunny Gold Coast and Sydney. 

By the same token, a wintry theme party taking place in Perth, may have less options for using a faux resin antler chandelier, than in Melbourne or even the Hunter Valley.

If you can't hire it, consider if you have the lead time and the budget to purchase this outright, and if you can sell it on afterwards.

2. Consider the time of year
Is it peak entertainment season? Then you'll be competing against many other event organisers to secure suitable event hire pieces. This is not the time to delay!

For example, if you're organising a Gilligan's Island beach product launch in November when the warmer months have rolled around, beach theme products will be a popular option. But if you're booking your event for in off-peak May or June when it's cold, you'll probably be the only client booking it. You may even get a special deal as it's out of season (literally).

3. Consider the type of venue
There are lots of event hire pieces that you will not be able to use outdoors, with many event hire companies checking not only provision (or otherwise) of undercover function space, but also watching the weather on the day as to whether you'll able to hire it.

A woodland area may "look" great on your moodboard but prove impractical for bringing in pieces such as a fairy floss cart (which needs electricity to run) or for large, bulky items which need to be brought in by car or truck.

Hiring a large marquee for an outdoor event requires a full day of construction prior to any flooring, lighting or decorating. You can hire a marquee much more easily if it is going on your premises at home or at work, but it is much harder to do so at a public park or outdoor venue space, and you'll likely to have to pay additional venue hire fees for days before and after your event to make up for their lost bookings.

In other cases doorways are simply too narrow to fit certain items while the lift may be too short in height or have a weight restriction. You'll need to check the logistics before you finalise your event hire plans.

4. Consider the type of event
It's an unfortunate fact that many venues do not accept bookings for 18th and 21st birthdays, hens nights and bucks' parties as the guests are generally expected to be over-exuberant and inclined to go (a little too) wild. By the same token, many event hire companies fear their items will be irreparably damaged and/or stolen.

A bond rarely covers the full price of a damaged item. If that item has been booked for another event the day or even the week after, it may not be able to be repaired in time. In most occasions it can't be replaced in time either prior to the next booking.

5. Consider the type of event hire business
There are a lot of people running event hire side hustle businesses who typically work part-time or full-time who offer a very limited service. They simply may not be available to deliver and/or collect during business hours nor, if they have children, frequently be able to provide a hire service well past midnight.

They may struggle to unload their event hire pieces if they don't have a vehicle registered for business with matching decals to safely use the loading zones outside.

In other instances, they may not have - or be willing to obtain - the necessary probity checks (such as for Crown Melbourne) or even have completed the induction processes required by most shopping centres, and educational institutions.

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