Seasonal Events: Planning Events in Autumn: #4 of 4

June 15, 2021

In our fourth and final post in our series of planning seasonal events we look at whether autumn events are a good seasonal event option.

Autumn celebrations offer warm days and crisp evenings and seem especially made for rustic affairs in barns, vineyards, orchards and farms with the bounty of harvest time.

What a wonderful theme - and time - for corporates to celebrate their bounty and good fortune with clients.

After November, did you know March and May are the next most popular months for the event industry in Australia?

What do you need to consider?

  • Consider an outdoors event. The gorgeous golden-red leaves will give you amazing visual content for your social media
  • Consider organising an event at lunchtime if you love that sumptuous yet rustic harvest feast look with lots of communal tables. See the advantages and disadvantages of communal tables
  • Check if Easter falls on your event weekend as this can drive up prices, and reduce hotel availability.
  • Be prepared for surprisingly hot days for an autumn event, especially in March. For example, Melbourne hit a maximum of 40.8C on 8 March 2016


  • Forget that autumn is the traditional time for food & wine festivals, so you could combine your corporate event with a visit to a festival for your special clients to create a weekend to remember
  • Feel you must choose the traditional autumn orange, red and brown colour scheme if they're not your favourite colours - or worse, it's your competitor's colours! - as it's a time of year, not a mandatory colour theme. Discover 4 ways to select the perfect colour scheme
  • Dismiss the idea of having an event interstate - for example, Brisbane offers warm days with low humidity so you get the sunshine without the perspiration
  • Forget that Mother's Day falls in May and the week around it causes restaurants and florists to be booked up.

    Find out what to do when your floral plans don't work out.

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